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Portable hand coffee pot

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Material: Organic material
When using the filter paper drip method to brew coffee, the filter paper will adhere to the wall of the filter bowl. Without these grooves, after the hot water is injected, the air can only be discharged from the filter hole at the bottom of the cup, and the remaining can not be discharged. The air will be discharged from the surface of the coffee powder in the steamed state, a hole will be formed on the surface of the coffee powder, cold air will enter, the coffee will not be fully steamed, and the formation of the filter layer will be destroyed. Ready to work:
1. Prepare the thermometer (some thermometers on the hand pot are convenient);
2. Prepare the stopwatch Usually the phone has a timer function.
3. Accurate to grams of electronic scales.
4. Filter cups, filter paper, sharing pots, hand-washing pots.
5. The amount of coffee powder can be selected according to the ratio of 1:13 coffee powder to coffee liquid (if the ratio of coffee powder to boiling water is about 1:15), under other conditions (flow rate, brewing strength, etc.) You can increase the powder amount to adjust the concentration.
6. The fineness of coffee powder can be referred to the thickness of white sugar sold in the market. Depending on the degree of roasting of the beans used, deep-baked beans can be coarser and lighter baked can be finer. The thickness of the powder can be adjusted according to the variety of the beans, and the acidity is higher and the bitterness is higher. It is best to adjust the thickness of the final coffee liquid by adjusting the thickness of the powder. If you feel that the coffee is sour, you can grind the powder. If you feel bitter, you can grind it thickly and adjust it dynamically.
7. It is best to use a hand-washing pot to boil water, if the temperature of the hot water pouring pot drops very fast. The hand-washing pot must have a lid, and the temperature of the lid without the lid is also very fast. If the temperature is not finished, the temperature will be too low.
8. It is recommended that the water level in the hand-washing pot be fixed at the beginning of the practice. Before starting the brewing, ensure that the hand-washing pot has 90% water volume, which is convenient for finding the hand and controlling the water flow.
9. Brewing water temperature selection: The following water temperature is a reference basis, which can be adjusted according to your own preferences and brewing habits. When using the filter paper drip method, the water temperature can reach the taste balance at 82 ° C ~ 84 ° C. Exceeding this temperature will make some of the flavors particularly noticeable. If you do not reach this temperature, you will not be able to extract enough delicious ingredients. The effect of water temperature on taste The water temperature above 88 °C is too high, and bubbles are easily generated, resulting in incomplete steaming. 88 ° C ~ 84 ° C (suitable for depth, moderate baking) strong taste, bitter taste is obvious. 84 ° C ~ 82 ° C (suitable for all degrees of baking) taste average. 82 ° C ~ 77 ° C (suitable for deep baking) can suppress bitterness. The water temperature below 77 °C is too low, the steaming is not complete, and the extraction is insufficient.