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Ethiopia Natural Coffee Beans

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Do you want to wake up every morning with the fragrance of a fresh cup of coffee? We will give you that gourmet experience with our specialty whole coffee beans, filter, and espresso grinds. The careful roasting and artisanal crafting of our beans result in an exceptionally delicious brew each time. From pour-over to espresso, this is a one-of-a-kind flavor experience. This is the freshest specialty coffee offered online!

  • Certification/Grading: Natural
  • Roast: Med-light
  • Tasting Profile: Milk chocolate, fruity, caramel
  • Grower: Smallholder farmers from the Sidama zone.
  • Variety: Indigenous Heirloom Cultivars
  • Region: Sidama Zone, Ethiopia
  • Altitude: 1700-1900 M
  • Soil Type: Nitisols
  • Process: Full natural, sorted by hand.  Dried on raised beds.

    Why Our Coffee Is Loved Globally?

    Fresh & Aromatic: All our packages come with an air-tight valve so that your coffee stays fresh and aromatic, even when it is outside!

    With Love & Care: Each package is personally hand-picked and then roasted in California or Illinois with love and care by our friendly baristas. We simply LOVE what we do & we take it SERIOUSLY!

    Hand-picked By Locals: Our specialty roasts are carefully selected from experienced local farmers worldwide and handpicked to ensure premium quality and supreme taste.

    This Happiness Comes In All Sizes: We offer various options with different sizes and grinds, whether it be the 12 OZ and 1 LB bags for your morning wake-up, or the 2 LBs, 5 LBs, and 12 LBs bags for your daily pick-me-up.

    Freshest Coffee Beans Offered Online: We ship on the same day we roast your coffee, capturing all of its unique aromas & flavors.

    Perfect Grinds: We offer whole beans, standard -medium grind for filters-, and espresso -fine grind.

    Full Refund: Drink your coffee with 100% satisfaction, because we guarantee a full refund for your first order, no questions asked, valid for 12 OZ, 1LB bags.

     Quick Shipping:
    USA: We offer the fastest shipping service with priority/first class USPS, which takes less than 3-8 business days.
    Worldwide: For international orders, we use USPS International.

    Add this aromatic-packed bag of specialty premium gourmet beans to your cart now while supplies last!

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      Lola B.

      Somewhat subdued fruity characteristics.

      Mariam C.

      I found this Ethiopian to be nicely aromatic and full bodied without any bitterness. We like it so much we put it on auto delivery-the first product we’ve ever done this for! I highly recommend it.

      Daniel J.

      Wonderful Roasted Coffee Beans