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Chocolate Hazelnut Coffee Beans

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Roast: Medium

When you can’t decide if you want hazelnut or mocha, drink this indulgent combination of rich flavors.  Perfect as a dessert coffee or every time your cup is empty.

All of our flavored coffees start as specialty grade single origin coffee roasted in small batches to a smooth medium. Each order is then carefully flavored with high quality flavoring oils while still warm. 

Chocolate Hazelnut Coffee

Do you want to wake up every morning with the fragrance of a fresh cup of coffee? We will give you that gourmet experience with our specialty whole coffee beans, filter, and espresso grinds. The careful roasting and artisanal crafting of our beans result in an exceptionally delicious brew each time. From pour-over to espresso, this is a one-of-a-kind flavor experience. This is the freshest specialty coffee offered online!


Why Our Coffee Is Loved Globally?

Fresh & Aromatic: All our packages come with an air-tight valve so that your coffee stays fresh and aromatic, even when it is outside!

With Love & Care: Each package is personally hand-picked and then roasted in California or Illinois with love and care by our friendly baristas. We simply LOVE what we do & we take it SERIOUSLY!

Hand-picked By Locals: Our specialty roasts are carefully selected from experienced local farmers worldwide and handpicked to ensure premium quality and supreme taste.

This Happiness Comes In All Sizes: We offer various options with different sizes and grinds, whether it be the 12 OZ and 1 LB bags for your morning wake-up, or the 2 LBs, 5 LBs, and 12 LBs bags for your daily pick-me-up.

Freshest Coffee Beans Offered Online: We ship on the same day we roast your coffee, capturing all of its unique aromas & flavors.

Perfect Grinds: We offer whole beans, standard -medium grind for filters-, and espresso -fine grind.

Full Refund: Drink your coffee with 100% satisfaction, because we guarantee a full refund for your first order, no questions asked, valid for 12 OZ, 1LB bags.

 Quick Shipping:
USA: We offer the fastest shipping service with priority/first class USPS, which takes less than 3-8 business days.
Worldwide: For international orders, we use USPS International.

Add this aromatic-packed bag of specialty premium gourmet beans to your cart now while supplies last!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Lisa G.

    I'm not a coffee snob, I've been buying brands you would find in the grocery store, but based on the reviews I tried this. It was soooooooo good. I would have never used the word smooth to describe coffee, but that was the perfect word. I love hazelnut, but don't always love chocolate since a lot of times there is weird fake taste with chocolate flavors. This coffee did not have that. I loved the flavor, I loved the coffee, and now I want to try other flavors too.

    Danyl B.

    I had bought a 12 oz bag of chocolate hazelnut coffee, when it arrived, I immediately opened the bag and had a sniff - oh my Goddess! - and the next morning, I had two cups. It was so delicious, I could hardly believe it. This product far exceeded my expectations. Even after several weeks, the taste was as strong and yummy as the first time I tried it. I've ordered other coffees from various companies that seem to lose the flavor after a month or two, but seriously...this coffee still tasted fresh after 3 months. I will definitely order again, and soon - because I drank the last of the chocolate hazelnut some time ago.

    Yasser A.

    I love this coffee. You can taste the chocolate as well as the hazelnut. Thanks

    Ashley J.

    Absolutely delicious. This chocolate hazelnut is my new go to it's so good.

    Teddy T.

    This is an excellent blend. I use it in a drip funnel; two tablespoons for about 15 oz. It permits the water to pass through the funnel at a reasonable pace unlike other grinds which empty too slowly. A bit pricey, though.

    Donnie K.

    Don’t take this wrong..but it is the best stray coffee brand I have randomly tried with my own money 😌 I am excited to try other flavors in the future but for now I love this chocolate hazelnut

    Rumaysa H.

    I like everything about this coffee! It is difficult to find the "chocolate hazelnut" flavor which is one of my favorites. This coffee has the best tasting coffee. I do not like bitter or overly strong tasting coffee. This coffee smells so delicious when it is brewing that I am excited for my first cup!

    Myra R.

    Initially, I was surprised to have to add a little more coffee to make it as strong as I like. But, I did see on the bag that it is a "medium" coffee. That said, it is delicious. I buy nice coffees to make coffee at home, and I will say that this chocolate coffee is my new favorite. For anyone looking for a great chocolate coffee, no other flavor added, this is the one to try. Addictive! 👌